Sourcing the best talent in Asia.

Specialising in digital, technology and transformation talent.

What is GRIT Search?

We offer contingent and retained solutions for organisations looking to source the best digital, technology and transformation talent in Asia.

We revolve around relationships, working in true partnership to understand the technical requirements of any given role coupled with a deep understanding of the culture, vision and values to ensure talent is a true fit for the organization.

How it works

  1. Full debrief with the organisation on the vision and culture of the organisation and then the specifics of the role including responsibilities, objectives, challenges and what success looks like.
  2. We conduct a full search through all channels including LinkedIn, Job Boards, competitors, target companies, network, internal database as well as referrals.
  3. GRIT consultants conduct interviews with all long-listed candidates 
  4. We present the shortlist of candidates to the organisation for review and discussion.
  5. We schedule interviews between the shortlisted candidates and the organisation ensuring feedback is taken and given throughout each stage of the interview process.
  6. We manage and negotiate the offer and onboarding of the successful candidates.
  7. We maintain structured follow ups with the organisation and the candidates once they have started in the positions.

Want access to curated and readily available talent?

Our talent-first platform provides candidate expectations upfront in terms of salary, notice period and more, meaning you don’t waste time on engaging candidates who are not right for the position. Find an exact match for the role you are looking to hire.