GRIT Skills Gap Analysis

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Calling all software engineering professionals. Identify your skills gap in your current role and what is required for your dream role. Join the GRIT community now to start your free 15-minute assessment!

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How does it work


Understanding who you are

We start with profiling to learn more about your career expectations and practices, as well as your learning style and preferences. 


Measuring your capabilities

We ask you a series of questions that will help you to self-diagnose your current skills and proficiency levels of those skills.


Calculating your skills gap

We will then map your career expectations and capabilities against Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) skills framework. 


Skills gap report

You will receive a report on the skills gap between your current skill set and the requirements of your desired job role.  

Discover and expand your potential

Determine career path

  • Gauge your skills gaps
  • Uncover required attributes for your dream role

Plan your next move

  • Understand the skills & competencies required
  • Find out the learning & development needed 

Close your skills gap

  • Access 100,000+ resources on GRIT Smarts
  • Get connected with peers and experts in the GRIT Community


Answer a series of questions in a single assessment. Receive a personalised report.

Efficient & Accurate

The full assessment takes less than 15 minutes and is designed for a personalised & nuanced result.

Absolutely Free

We want to help everyone learn more about themselves and make informed choices, so we’ve made the assessment free in the GRIT community. 

Your dream career is waiting. Start unlocking your potential with the GRIT Skills Gap Analysis.